About Us

In 2009, JMP Autowerkz started humbly with two bays under the guidance and expertise of Jerick Javier. The intention was clear: to provide a space where vehicles are treated with utmost care, precision, and passion. But little did Jerick know, this was just the start of a thrilling ride!

What distinguishes JMP Autowerkz from countless other auto repair shops? Our unwavering commitment to honesty, fairness, and exceptional service. We pride ourselves on the trust our customers place in us. Our warranties stand as a testament to the confidence we have in our work and the promise of quality we extend to all our patrons.

A New Partnership and Vision: 2017

Although the ownership remained steadfast since its inception, 2017 marked a pivotal year for JMP Autowerkz. Mohamad Jomaa partnered up with Jerick, merging their combined love for cars and the vision to expand their reach and capability.

From Finance to Fast Cars: A Personal Journey

Mohamad’s story might seem unconventional for someone in the auto repair business. He immigrated from Lebanon in 2006, pursued a degree in finance, and entered into the corporate world, working with giants like Bank of America. However, beneath the finance exterior, his heart always raced for cars. Memories of assisting his father with his MGB, tinkering with cars during his sparse free hours – these moments shaped his hidden passion.

The real turning point came when Mohamad met Jerick during a significant car project. Observing his dedication, Mohamad realized that together, with Jerick’s automotive genius and Mohamad’s business acumen, they could take JMP Autowerkz to unparalleled heights. That led to the expansion into the current facility, an expansive 8500 sq/ft space, more than thrice the size of their original workshop. It was a bold step, but their combined drive and ambition were even greater.

Team JMP Autowerkz

While Mohamad can speak volumes about his partnership with Jerick, their team extends beyond just the two of them. Each member brings their unique skills and passion, making the team a complete and dynamic unit. 

Off the Clock: Racing and Family

Away from the hustle of the workshop, Mohamad relishes the moments spent with his family. His wife, Joumana, is the anchor, continually supporting his switch from finance to fueling his automotive dreams. Emma, his budding chef and dancer, and Noah, his little car enthusiast, are the lights of Mohamad’s life. Their aspirations and joys drive his ambitions, pushing him to ensure they lead even brighter lives than Mohamad did.

Noah’s love for cars mirrors mine at his age, and the shared dream is to get him racing on his own little go-kart soon. Every sacrifice made by Mohamad’s parents, combined with his family’s endless love and encouragement, shapes the ethos of JMP Autowerkz – a place where passion, dedication, and family values merge, ensuring that every vehicle and every client is treated with unparalleled respect and care.

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