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5 BMW Repairs Just Waiting to Happen

Buying the ultimate driving machine? BMWs are awesome cars--state-of-the-art German engineering, luxuriously finished, and so much fun to drive. But even the latest, highest-end BMWs come with common problems--there are some things that BMW just can't seem to get right. Before you buy that 3-series or X5, be sure you're aware of the five repairs that are most likely to come up with a BMW--they range from minor to major.

Door Locks

Your BMW might not lock all the doors when you hit the remote. This is a relatively (in BMW terms) minor fix for an experienced mechanic.

Window Regulators

The electronics that control the windows have a bad habit of breaking down, leaving you with a stuck window.

Coolant Issues

The coolant system in a BMW Tends to fail between 80,000 and 120,000 miles and when it fails, it happens fast. Many a BMW owner has been stranded on their local autobahn because the engine overheated. Regular maintenance won't prevent a coolant failure, but it will greatly decrease the odds.

Alloy Wheels

The branded BMW alloy wheels tend to corrode, which can lead to a slow leak or tire puncture. Keep your tires maintained to prevent corrosion, or replace them with non-BMW wheels. s

Leaky Oil Filter Gasket

The gasket that connects the oil filter to the engine is a serious candidate for leaking. When this happens, less oil gets to the engine, and it wears out sooner. The gasket can also dry rot if you leave it alone. Catch it early and it's an easy fix; wait and it's pretty expensive.

Befriend Your BMW Mechanic

You'll find the BMW dealership loses its charm as soon as your car is out of warranty--your service rep starts steering you to the showroom, where a salesman is ready to hand you the keys to a new car for a test drive. JMP Autowerkz' only interest is in keeping your BMW running smoothly, they're not interested in selling you a new car. These guys want you to keep driving that Beamer for years, and are your go-to source for everything BMW, from oil changes to engine repair.

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