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How Often Should I Schedule My Audi's Oil Change and Which Oil is Best?

Fresh oil helps engines run well and extends the useful life of a vehicle. Loyal Audi owners love their autos and want to give them the best care possible. Following are a few points to consider when making decisions regarding oil change schedules and selection of the most beneficial products. How Often Should My Audi Have an Oil Change? An oil change is the simplest, most economical, service you can provide for your vehicle, yet it's perhaps the most overlooked. Following are the primary considerations when deciding how often your car needs new oil. MileageVehicle AgeGeographic locationDriving stylesThe more you drive, the more often you need an oil change, especially when the odometer reaches three digit numbers. Just as our bodies need more maintenance as we age, worn parts on vintage vehicles require special care and lubr ... read more


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