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How Often Should I Schedule My Audi's Oil Change and Which Oil is Best?

Fresh oil helps engines run well and extends the useful life of a vehicle. Loyal Audi owners love their autos and want to give them the best care possible. Following are a few points to consider when making decisions regarding oil change schedules and selection of the most beneficial products.

How Often Should My Audi Have an Oil Change?

An oil change is the simplest, most economical, service you can provide for your vehicle, yet it's perhaps the most overlooked. Following are the primary considerations when deciding how often your car needs new oil.

  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Age
  • Geographic location
  • Driving styles

The more you drive, the more often you need an oil change, especially when the odometer reaches three digit numbers. Just as our bodies need more maintenance as we age, worn parts on vintage vehicles require special care and lubrication to remain at peak performance.

Newer vehicle recommendations specify less oil changes, but that doesn't mean you can forget them. Some new models can go as high as 120,000 miles before their first oil change. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for recommended frequencies, then consider the other factors when making scheduling decisions.

Older model vehicles are in greatest need of frequent fluid transfusions. Clean oil keeps worn parts performing well. Three to ten thousand miles is a good general guideline for servicing a vintage vehicle. Every three months is recommended if your mileage reading doesn't climb as quickly, due to short commutes.

Changing weather conditions, and challenging terrain take their toll on engines. If you don't live in a place where you always drive on glass smooth, level roads, in perfect weather conditions, for moderate distances, your vehicle is experiencing stress.

City conditions and short commutes are more damaging than high mileage rural driving. When engines stay repeatedly in warm-up mode, seldom reaching full normal running temperature, residue from escaped gases and condensation accumulates in the oil pan, effecting the oil's ability to lubricate.

Driving styles that require high performance, whether on roadways or in organized races, take their toll, reducing the life of the oil, also.

Proper scheduling of oil changes is a wise consideration for making the most of your vehicle investment. Frequent oil changes improve fuel efficiency as well, an important consideration if you're a frequent traveler, or live far from your place of employment.

Need more specific guidance in making a decision? Here's are the thoughts of a veteran mechanic from a German vehicle heritage organization.

What Type of Oil is Best for My Audi?

Opinions can vary regarding oil brands, but quality, and the best oil for your model is key to making the most of your investment in your vehicle's oil change service. Castrol has recently been recommended by Audi.

The car company specifies only approved Audi oils be used in their vehicles. Guidelines are available for specific models from Audi USA. Here is what the Germans recommend.  The new synthetics perform well in many models. Your local mechanic can guide you in selecting the best choice for our car.

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