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The Most Common Issues with the Audi A6

Are you wonderinng what are the most common issues with the Audi A6? If you're the lucky owner of an Audi A6, you've experienced its superior performance firsthand. These high-powered vehicles have no problem being pushed to their limits without sacrificing style or power. To keep it running at maximum capacity, your A6 may need a tune up every now and then to address common repair issues. Knowing the warning signs in advance can save you a costly bill in the future!

The Most Common Issues with the Audi A6

  • Increased oil usage: Oil is essential for any car, but the Audi is known to guzzle down a lot in a short amount of time. Make sure you check your oil levels every time you fuel up.
  • Timing chain issues. The timing chains in this car use plastic leads to hook up to the hydraulic pistons. If these fail, it could lead to you have to purchase a whole new engine. Look out for this problem in models with V6 and V8 engines.
  • Failing gearbox. Gearbox malfunction is quite common with Audis, indicated by a tightness or a grinding noise while steering the wheel. If caught in time, it's possible to reprogram the gearbox without having to buy a new one.
  • Bad AC. Poor air conditioning quality affects about a quarter of all Audi cars. If you notice a musty smell coming from your air outlets, it's time to bring it in for a check-up.
  • Damaged flywheel. If you're experiencing vibrations from the clutch pedal, it's likely that your dual mass flywheel is in need of repair. This can be a very expensive part to replace, so don't ignore it!
  • Failing electrics. Wiring issues can cause certain parts of your Audi to not work correctly, such as interior lighting and window regulators.
  • Transmission failure. This is a common issue with Audis with CVT (continuously variable transmission) units. Make sure to flush your transmission's fluid every 35k miles to prevent any issues.

Do you want to help prevent future repairs? Need repairs for your Audi A6 now? Call or stop by our shop and one of our qualified technicians will give you honest advice.

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