Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Tires

Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Tires

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

With the average tire set costing around $700, we can all agree that tires aren’t as affordable as they used to be. Our customers always ask us what is the best way to maximize their tires, whether that be brand-new or used tires, we always recommend to follow manufacturer specified tire pressures, ensure their vehicle is properly aligned to minimize tire wear, buying good quality tires and rotating their tires on time. 

Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure not only affects the handling of your vehicle, both positively and negatively, but also fuel economy! A 2012 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had found that for every 1% decrease in tire pressure, a vehicle's fuel economy would decrease by 0.3%.

This doesn’t sound like much with smaller numbers, but compounding that finding overtime tells a different story. Imagine driving around with 25% less tire pressure than what the tire manufacturer recommends for a fully inflated tire, that equates to a 7.5% decrease in Miles Per Gallon (MPG). Subsequently bringing a decent 20 MPG fuel economy down to about 18.5 MPG, as an example. Overtime, this 7.5% decrease in MPG adds up once you get to the gas pump.

Most modern vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitor installed to notify you if you are below the minimum manufacturer recommended tire pressure. If a tire pressure monitor is not installed in the car, you can purchase what is called a Tire Pressure Gauge (refer to photo above) to manually keep an eye on things. It’s normal to lose one to two PSI every month and when the weather gets colder, checking on your tires every now and then is a good habit to practice to ensure you are maximizing your vehicle’s fuel economy. It is also worth noting that for every 10 degrees fahrenheit, results in a 1 PSI gain or loss. It is also optimal to check your tire pressure when your tires are cold, instead of after driving, because your tire pressure gets hotter as you drive.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing

We at JMP Autowerkz uselaser guided wheel alignments tools for this service. 

Another important factor to keep in mind when maximizing tire life and tire wear is your wheel alignment and tire balance. A wheel alignment that isn’t up to manufacturer specifications is one of the biggest factors to excessive tire wear and vehicle handling.

The Wheel Alignment service at JMP Autowerkz starts at $120 for vehicles with unmodified suspension systems and $145/hr for vehicles with modified suspension systems.

Causes of Misaligned Wheels

  • Hitting a pothole or curb

  • Suspension modifications
  • Worn out parts

Symptoms of Misaligned Wheels

  • Vehicle is pulling to one-side while driving straight
  • Steering wheel vibrations or shaking while driving
  • Excessive tire wear, particularly on inside and or outside of the tire

Buying Premium VS. Budget Tires

When shopping for your next set of tires, it can be very easy to buy the cheapest set of tires you can find and call it a day. The problem with this is that budget tires don’t last as long as mid-range or premium brands of tires.

The regular person, on average, drives between 12,000 miles to 15,000 miles per year. A good quality set of All-Season tires can last about 50,000 miles to 60,000 miles on average. This number can vary depending on tire maintenance, road conditions, and driver performance.

It helps to do a little research on the next set of tires you buy! Different weather conditions require different tire specifications: All-Seasons, Winter, Off-road, Summer.

For regular vehicles, a mid-tier brand of All-Season tires would be the best investment for your needs. For specialty vehicles, such as sports cars and trucks, it is worth paying for a top-tier brand of tires to get the most life and performance for your investment.

Rotating Your Tires

It is known that your front tires wear out faster than your rears, which means it is important to Rotate Your Tires. This is done by switching out the position of your front tires to the rear and vice-versa. This will help extend the life of your tires by maximizing the tread wear and evening it out. The time in which you do the rotation varies from vehicle to vehicle, but the more you drive, the sooner you would need to do this.

Replacing Your Tires!

As funny as it sounds, replacing your tires ahead of time will save you $$$ in the long-run. It can be tempting to put off buying a new set of tires, let alone used ones, until you’re at the minimum legal tire tread depth —DO NOT drive on the minimum tire tread depth. A very worn out tire can fail, causing a tire blowout while driving. Even at very low speeds, an occurrence like this may cause severe damage to your vehicle which can get very expensive; not to mention your passengers and your environment.

You will realize that a new set of tires is cheaper than repairing your car or paying your insurance deductible. Keeping a close eye on your tires tread depth is important to ensure you’re keeping more $$$ in your pocket than removing it.

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