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Why is my Audi's Check Engine Light On?


You should never drive with your check engine light on for a long period of time, especially if you own a high-quality vehicle like an Audi. While it could be just a minor issue, there's always the possibility that something is seriously wrong with your car. If you see your check engine light flashing, it's best to stop driving it and have it serviced at your local auto shop immediately. Continuing to drive it could be hazardous for both you and your vehicle!

There are a few common issues with Audis that may lead to an illuminated check engine light.

Worn spark plugs. These plugs and their wires can become damaged over time, but it won't cost you very much. Most spark plugs are less than $10 a piece. You can expect to pay $16-$100 for the actual parts, with labor being about $40-$150.

Catalytic converter failure. If you fall behind on your oil changes, you may experience a failed catalytic converter. This is an important part of your exhaust system that converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, reducing harmful gases emitted into the environment. In some cases, you can still drive your car with this problem, but if unaddressed for too long the converter may become completely plugged and need a replacement. The cost will depend on the model of your vehicle and the installation time, but the average price for parts and labor is around $945-$2475.

Oxygen sensor failure. When your Audi's oxygen sensor goes bad, the fuel to air ratio in your engine will be thrown off. This means too much fuel in your engine and decreased gas mileage. The average cost for repairing your Audi's oxygen sensor will be around $113-$478.

Is your Audi's check engine light on? Call or stop by JMP Autowerkz for a quick and professional inspection.

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